*Second Spaces* Top12 , part 6!


Welcome to Part 6 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

Today, we travel to Rustica Home Furnishings. Rustica is another one of those places I go to for the build itself almost as much as for the product. I mean, come on – look!

Rustica’s designer, Maxwell Graf, spared no ounce of creativity in this build: there are secret passages. Enough said. It’s a castle through and through — the grandeur, the roughness of the textures, the luxurious velvets, the detailed windows…it’s amazing, and you must take time to explore all throughout and around. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got lost…like, 4 times. Totally worth it, albeit a bit harrowing at times.

Now, certainly, Maxwell caters to the castle dweller, BUT don’t think that’s all you’re going to find here. There are pieces that I would describe as mid-century modern (20th century, just to be clear 😉 ), some perhaps art deco – and what strikes me most about all of Maxwell’s pieces is that they’re very masculine. Not macho — not at all — just masculine. I like that a lot. Additionally, the most fun thing about Rustica is that all the pieces are ‘in motion’ – doors and drawers open, roll top desks roll – so click everything!

As always, just a few pics to show you some of my favorite finds until you can get over there and check it out yourself.

Ironoak Armoire: it’s the texture, of course, that gets to me the most on this piece. This does look like something I’d have in RL, though…if I was that cool.

Cafe du Blonde Bedroom: Remember what I said about masculine? Boys, pay attention — this is the sort of bedroom the ladies want you to have. It’s warm and inviting, while also saying ‘I can fix your appliances and kill your spiders, while keeping my finely tailored clothes and classic watches neatly stored away, and will lay you down in satin sheets every night.’ Ladies, holla if ya feel me. 🙂

Sofa Bed of Yummy Goodness: Seriously, that’s the name. I had to include this not just because it is indeed yummy, but also because I don’t think I’ve seen this in SL before. It’s a working pull out bed. Awesome.

Okay, you know what to do next. Head over to Rustica, wander thru everywhere, click everything, and embrace the masculine goodness!


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  1. Yes Rustica is great product. However, the owner was difficult and rude to a customer who had a very simple request and who presented the request in a courteous and professional manner. Don’t ever ask him to remove scripts if you want to use his furniture in a display that does not allow scripts so as to reduce lag. I myself at one time was interested in paying for a stool. Not the table that came attached to it, but just the stool. Not only was I blown off by both owner and associate but he proceeded to put the make on my female companion. Which he apparently has done each time she was in the store there after. For these reasons I and several others are getting rid of all of our Rustica product. Customer service is the order of the hour and it can make or break a business in SL.

  2. Wow! that was my first response when walking into Maxwell’s store for the first time 9 months ago. I was amazed..I’d never seen anything like it. A true artist! I have to say, Mr. Maxwell has been nothing but kind and courteous towards myself and many female friends I have brought with me shopping at Rustica. Always respectful and friendly! That has been my own experience as I do not know him well.
    He has always made us feel right at home when we visit to shop and marvel at his amazing builds.
    Customer Service is so important to maintaining any business, but customer courtesy when shopping also goes a very long way!

  3. Maxwell and Lyyric have always been incredibly kind to me. Perhaps there was some frustration at being asked to make special one-off builds for someone when his profile clearly says he doesn’t have time for custom work. I know that even when I have that written in my own profile, people often ignore the polite hint and bug me forever about it.

    Anyway, I love the furniture from Rustica. The doors all open and close, the bed blankets pull up around you while you sleep and the sculpts and textures are divine. I saw a kitchen set there the other day that was so clever… it was a bunch of pots on a shelf and when you click them, they bang out a note, like a little set of timpanis, haha. They’re great.

  4. Thanks for the note, Thaumata — I agree, both Max and Lyric have been very friendly when I’ve had the chance to speak with them. I still take people to Rustica when I want to wow them with SL-creation…and I apparently need to get over there soon to check out that kitchen! I don’t think I’ve seen that before. 🙂

  5. I cant believe that its not possible to visit this place.
    Your post made me really curios, but since i do not have a credit card, and therefor dont have no payment info in my profil i am not allowed there.

    well, thats really sad, and i feel kind of discriminated…. :-(((((

  6. Ancale, i didnt know it was set to allow only ‘payment info on file’ customers – I wonder if it was a fluke, I know sometimes that gets set without folks realizing (i know it’s happened to me in the past on my public parcels) — maybe IM Maxwell Graaf to ask?

  7. Thanks i will do that…..
    At first i really felt a little bit …. a great bit….. ssaaaaad….
    But i’ll try to contact him to ask…
    Thanks for your quick respond! 😉

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