*Spotlight* Design Contest Winner, Maerok Westland!


Congrats again to Maerok for winning the Second Spaces Exotic Getaway Shadowbox Design Contest! I met up with Maerok a few days after the contest, just to chat a bit about his contest experience, what else he’s doing in SL right now, and that I plan to take full credit as the inspiration for his contest entry. 🙂

You’ll notice Maerok’s super-cool flame eyes in the pic; he’s the designer/owner of Custom Eyes where you can find some great…well, custom eyes…some a bit on the fantasy side, and all very well done. If you read Maerok’s in-world profile, you’ll also see that he mentions nano sculpties. Nano sculpties are teeny tiny (scientific term) sculpted prims that Maerok is using in jewelry – great for realistic gems, as seen below (thanks, Maerok!). That’s a diamond choker and diamond bracelet next to the nano sculpties, and then a closeup of the nano spheres just to show you how truly tiny and wee they are!

Elle Kirshner: What attracted you to the Second Spaces Design Contest?
Maerok Westland: a friend of of mine , Belle, is always looking for stuff for me,sent me the info , and I just though it was a perfect platform to try lots of new things
Maerok Westland: new design ideas, scripts
Elle Kirshner: cool – thanks to belle 🙂
Elle Kirshner: What was the most fun part of the contest?
Maerok Westland: 🙂
Maerok Westland: most fun and frustrating…..
Elle Kirshner: haha
Maerok Westland: coming up with a good idea
Maerok Westland: went through several before i landed on the final one
Elle Kirshner: which leads to my next question…..
Elle Kirshner: What was the inspiration for your design?
Maerok Westland: well, a big part thanks to that little conversation we had at the begining
Maerok Westland: but I wanted to create a space that went beyond the walls, and open it up as much as possible
Maerok Westland: this seemed perfect
Elle Kirshner: very nice 🙂 i dont remember our conversation….
Maerok Westland: existentialism
Elle Kirshner: oh right 🙂
Maerok Westland: you lost your book on it..
Maerok Westland: lol
Elle Kirshner: hahahahah right
Elle Kirshner: just for the record, i’m totally just gonna say that I was your inspiration 😉
Maerok Westland: 🙂
Maerok Westland: absolutely fine
Elle Kirshner: Any advice for blossoming designers out there?
Maerok Westland: well, I’m one myself, and wouldnt like to start giving advice as a relative sl fledgling, but only to say that sl is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild, you really can develop any idea without restraint
Elle Kirshner: i like that 🙂
Elle Kirshner: now the tough question….
Elle Kirshner: What are you gonna do with all your prizes??
Maerok Westland: well, good question….
Maerok Westland: i really dont know…
Maerok Westland: lol

Maerok has his shadowbox set up here for now, so if you have experienced it firsthand yet, hop over there and try it out. He is planning to release a revised version for purchase, something a little easier to set up — so if you’ve been looking for your own personal planetarium, then stay tuned!


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