*Halloween Goodies* part 3!


More great stuff to share! If you missed parts 1and 2, check the Holiday category on the menu to the left. Here are my newest finds!

Shade Fantasy Outfitters: Shade Fantasy is one of my favorite places to visit, much less shop. Ashade Sinister is a master at everything she does. Period. 🙂 In her new releases, I found the Skull Pyre Torches, perfect for decorating your mausoleum!

Ashade also has these awesome Gnarled Branch Lights — they’re not necessarily a Halloween release, but they’d be perfect in a haunted or enchanted forest!

Trinket Halloween: Trinket is new to me, and a great find. Mystery Moonlight has a really cute Halloween shop set up with great goodies — including a really cute Halloween jewelry set for free! We’re using her hay bales on the sim, along with her Old Wagon (seen below, and I love it!), and I picked up her Witches’ Brew cauldron, too, perfect for our haunted house. Here are some favorites!

The Old Wagon – great shadowing on this one!

Skull Hot Tub – hands down, the best bloody hot tub I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Yes, that is a femur (or is it a tibula?) floating on the surface.

Mystery also has the most delicious looking edible goodies — available in packs of 10 for $L45 or $L25 (for the small candy). It’s hard to see in the picture, but those are plastic spider rings on the bottom row to the right! I want some!! They weren’t marked for sale when I was in there; I’m sure Mystery will remedy that soon. 🙂 I did grab some of the apples and the treat bags — too cute!

More to come as soon as I find it!


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