Holiday Round up!


I have been slowly on the prowl for some new and different holiday decor…and I’ve found a few things to share with you, dear readers. There are hundreds of places to find your basic trees, lights, etc — so first, be sure to check my favorite places:

Heart Garden Winter World – Lilith and Dolly are my favorite ladies for landscaping goodies — they’ve set up a winter section with great outside trees, lights, poinsettias, snow, and more!

Ramos Designs – another favorite and a great place for holiday basics: indoor trees, tons of lights, lots of fun decor for inside and out.

New Trails – I discovered New Trails back around Halloween, and they are on my list for a spotlight blog post. There are really fantastical trees, garlands, lights, and more here that you just have to see. Be sure to join the update group, too — group gifts!

Ok, now on to the stuff I want to share. First, I stopped at Belle Belle; this is a place I’ve had in my LMs since probably my first month in SL…and it’s another place that deserves a spotlight post soon. For now, it’s a definite stop on your holiday decor route! When I first landed, I was greeted by Chilly the Strange Snowman:

[11:53]  Chilly The Strange Snowman: Heya, Elle Kirshner!

Chilly is the cutest — an adorable snowman who greets your visitors, makes it snow, and more! He also greeted the folks who came in after me, each with a slightly different greeting, which makes him even cuter.


Leyla Firefly, the designer behind Belle Belle, has also created a Santa AV who’s sitting outside by the holiday stuff. You have to check his profile: Santa Sugarplum. It’s such a cute little touch. I took a minute to sit and tell Santa my wishlist…and I’m honestly not sure if he was sleeping or just checking out my rack.


Leyla also has a very nice selection of more traditional holiday items. My personal tastes don’t really lean toward traditional decor, but I do think the selection is very well made and well-rounded to set up a very nice SL holiday. In the living room diorama (3 points for ‘diorama’), everything you see is available for sale to build your own setting. The Holiday Feast is just fun because you can really set up a lavish holiday meal with multiple courses…and it makes me want soup. Mmmm, soup.


Next stop: JD Mechanical Toy Factory. We’re moving from traditional to steampunk in one fell swoop! I don’t even remember now how I came across the shop…but I’m very glad I did. There are all sorts of great steampunk things to find there…and right now, there is a Christmas section set up with some really awesome items. My favorites:

Christmas Edition Shooting Gallery: yep, it’s exactly that. You get a shotgun, go into mouselook and start shooting away at random candy canes, gifts, santas, etc. Fun with a capital F.


There’s also a selection of Christmas trees in a really unique style – my two favorites:


And the best thing: clockwork automated Santa. This little guy wanders around and gives out gifts (also a non-gifting version available), and well, look at that face! I love him!


Be sure to check out all the shops listed in this post — I’ve just highlighted a few of the great things to be found – go see what else there is to see! I’ll update again as I find more super cool stuff to share — feel free to IM me in-world and let me know about any places you think I should see!


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