*New Release* More holiday stuff!


Do you know what says Christmas to me? Sloppily wrapped gifts with curly ribbons gone awry….visible over-taping…gaps in the paper where I didn’t cut the paper right and you can see the box peeking through…or gaps I’m forced to cover with a small piece of a different paper since I didn’t plan smartly…or bunchy corners because I used waaaay too much paper. Wrapped with love, I say.

Come by Second Spaces to pick up your own ‘wrapped with love’ gift boxes…and this really cute ceramic tabletop tree that I kind of ❤ alot.


You can find the new stuff right in the front of the shop, along with these previously released items. Enjoy!



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  1. nicely done Elle, those look exactly the way i picture you wrapping things in RL, although i imagine you to be one of those people who sometimes don’t have a box handy and just go freeform with the wrap instead, nor so good when its a pair of skates or a tennis racket 😉

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