*Designer Review* Lofty Lighting


Balthasar Bookmite of Lofty Lighting was kind enough to drop a review folder on me, so I took a look today. Balt specializes in loft lighting — very modern, oversized pendant lights, ideal for those open and airy lofts. He’s also recently released the House Collection, a line of smaller lamps. All of his lamps are copy/mod, which I think is awesome since I’m a big fan of multiples.

From the Loft Collection, here are the Alia and the Emilia lamps. I included the picture where I’m standing next to the lamps just to show the scale — these are large lamps!


From the House Collection, we have The Edd and The PT — the ad shots show them in Matte Black, and my pic-for-scale shows them in Steel. I love The Edd — it’s like something out of the Jetsons. 🙂


(Please excuse the wardrobe in that last pic — it was taken after my club events, and it was late, and I was too tired to change.)

I did pop in to Balt’s little shop, just for a minute, and saw a few more worth-checking-out lamps, so get over there and see for yourself. You can visit Lofty Lighting here or on OnRez here. Enjoy!

*I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately — I’m rebuilding my sim and that’s taking all my time. I do have another special series planned, and hopefully another design contest in the near future! Thanks for sticking with me!


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