*Second Spaces* 9 More Places! Part 2!



Welcome to Part 2 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Belle Belle Furniture

I showcased Belle Belle in one of my holiday posts; I stated then that I really needed to spotlight the shop soon…and here we are. πŸ™‚ Leyla Firefly is the designer, and she has put together quite an extensive collection of very nicely detailed items, lots of extras, and a lot of focus on coordinating pieces. What I think is so awesome is that each of her furniture series really is that — a series of rooms, all in coordinating textures and styles. So, for each series, you’ll find a living room, kitchen, dining room. office, bathroom, and bedroom. Perfect if you’re hoping to furnish your entire place in one fell swoop! I had to restrain myself from taking pics of everything in the store – since I do want to tease you just enough so that you’ll run out and check out Belle Belle for yourself — so let’s jump into my favorites!

Marrakesh Living Room

Of course, this is just one room in the Marrakesh series, and all the other rooms are just as lush. I really love this fireplace — it’s hard to see from my pic, but Leyla has included lots of little vases and knick-knacks on each shelf. That makes my heart go pitter-patter.

(Note: Leyla seems to be in the process of adding another building to her shop — the Marrakesh is in the other shop across the water from where the SLurl will take you.)


Dako Living Room and Kitchen

I am just drawn to browns and blues, it seems, so the Dako set really catches my eye. Also, as I believe I’ve mentioned in the past, I adore a well-made kitchen!!! Sure, kitchens may be a bit silly in SL — but then, so are edible food and drinks, but those are just fun! Kitchens are just as fun, and Leyla makes some of the best kitchens I’ve ever seen.

dako-livingdako-kitchenOh, those cabinets! Don’t you just want to touch the wood (heh)? I would totally have this kitchen in RL.

Bandera Kitchen & Arne Kitchen

So, before I continued this post, I sat and debated: do I really want to add more kitchens? Or go ahead and wrap it up so that you, dear readers, can get over to Belle Belle? …yeah, I’m gonna show more kitchens. πŸ™‚


I think it’s the little details that really get me here. The rolling pin? Perfect. The hanging pots – love them. The marble (or granite?) surfaces are great — and the artwork is a nice and unexpected splash of color.



You’ll see some of those same little details here (yay!) – what really captures me with the Arne Kitchen are the curves and angles. The color scheme is great, too, and I love the dots! If I had a kitchen like this, I might actually learn to cook. You heard it here first.


Ok, dear readers — those who’ve been with me for a while will know that I am a sucker for presentation. Cute packaging and creative displays just slay me. Understanding that, you will certainly understand why I love Leyla for displaying her throw pillows in this manner:


I just love it!! So simple and so fun! You’ll find these bins scattered around the store, filled with the pillows to coordinate with the series, and you can pick up sets of 3 pillows from the bins. Oh, I love it.

Be sure to join the Belle Belle group to get in on the freebie goodness (there’s a precious Valentine topiary in-store now, available to group members only), and of course, to get notices when Leyla releases new items — like all the Valentine goodies you’ll find just outside the main store. Last, but not least, get over to the store now to pick up the free-for-all freebie available — this absolutely adorable Laughing Buddha! I ❀ him and his shiny belly! When you click him, he says Buddha things – find your inner peace, dear readers!


Belle Belle


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