*Second Spaces* 9 More Places! Part 3!



Welcome to Part 3 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Another Man’s Treasure

When I first found AMT, the shop was located in a giant treasure chest. It was awesome. 🙂 Designer Stormy McCallister has moved on to other locations, and now has two completely separate shops that you need to check out. I’ll tell you what I think of when I think of AMT: men. Make of that what you will 😉 — I think of men because I think Stormy’s designs are very masculine and warm. Lots of wood, very no-nonsense fabrics, quite grand in scale — great for guys, in my opinion. I have sent several guy friends to AMT when they’ve asked about decorating, and they’ve always been impressed with the offerings there. I’m going to give you a peek at both locations today…so on to my favorite things!

South Beach Location

At this location, you’ll find living rooms, bars, a few patio sets – all in that nice, warm, masculine style. What I really like here is the Club collection — that’s the perfect description for it; I definitely see it as reminiscent of a traditional gentleman’s club. First, the living room set:

club-livingGreat fabrics here — plush without being fluffy, if that makes sense. 🙂

Next we have more of the Club set, what I would consider the Lounge pieces. The fireplace is actually named “Gentleman’s Quarters”, which is perfect — and oh, I think Stormy makes amazing fireplaces!


Now on to the Lohengrin location — this location is specifically filled with Zen-inspired furnishings and accessories, and it’s all gorgeous!

I really love the Cherry Wood Desk set — I like the sort of “open boxiness” of the desk, and the suspended bookshelf makes me very happy. What’s great, too, is that the bookshelf comes with all the accessories you see – including the adorable and well-detailed globe! Very well done!


The Asian Summer bedroom caught my eye mainly because of the green (that’s my color!), and especially because of the detail on the front of the armoire. That’s really a beautiful pattern — again, without being girly — and the architectural details of the pieces are spot on for a modern Asian feel. The bamboo rug is the perfect touch, and something that I really love in RL decorating – it works with everything!


Now, my absolute favorite: the Asian Bath! This is so spa-like and so well-detailed — the basket of towels may be my favorite part! The splashes of cream keep the room from being too dark. You can buy the entire set —  unfortunately, that doesn’t include the bath house that’s used to display the bath and accessories. I think it would be great if  Stormy offered the hut for sale, as well; the whole thing would be great in the middle of a heavily landscaped zen garden…lots of mist swirling around…can’t you picture it?


Another Man’s Treasure – go, see, buy, decorate! And boys – a tip for you — chicks dig a well-decorated pad. *whispers “you need to shop here.”


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