*Second Spaces* 9 More Places! Part 8!



Welcome to Part 8 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!

Happy Mood

We take a step into fantastical today with Happy Mood by Sasaya Kayo. Sasaya has put together an adorable and creative build filled with just the cutest things ever for home and garden. So, if you’ve been following along with these blog posts, then you know all the places you need to shop to build the perfect, most awesome garden in the history of SL. Yay, you!

Okay, first though, read my post. THEN go and shop and create.

As I like to do, let me show you a picture of the awesome build at Happy Mood — it’s straight out of a super-cool kid’s fantasy book:

build2I love the feel of this place — it’s almost mystical.

Globe Lamps: These are just beautiful — the texturing is so realistic on the metal and the glow effect is perfect. This is the butterfly version; there are also moon and snow versions, all available in small or medium sizes. They make me think of Tinkerbell. 🙂


Rocking Horses: these make me giggle. I don’t think I’ve seen rocking horses anywhere else in SL…and certainly none this well-made. They do rock, of course, and the big one comes with 7 different poses — and my favorite pose is shown here. That’s how you chill on a rocking horse. 🙂 The small one has just one pose, and it makes me laugh — do you remember being, like, 10 years old and still desperately wanting to ride your 3 year old cousin’s rocking horse, so you folded yourself up like this pose? …was that just me?


Little Birds: that’s exactly what they are, and they are the cutest SL birds ever. There are a lot of very nice, detailed birds to be found…these are, by far, my favorites. Each bird comes with 2 types in one package: 2 scripted to move and sing, and 2 non-scripted. All adorable. There are 14 colors available, or 1 mega pack that includes all the colors. My sim needs these!


Bunnies: again, there are a lot of cute bunnies to find in SL — these are definitely at the top of my list! They come in 3 sizes…they all are animated to blink, twitch their noses (omgsocute), and wiggle their ears and tails. There’s also a sleepy version whose eyes slowly close…precious.


Just to be sure you’re still with me — remember, these are all things to make your garden come to life. 🙂 See? I’m still on theme! The last pic I want to share is what’s currently in the Lucky Chair…which did not produce an E while I was able to hang around…the Bubble Chair, fairy version rather than 70s inflatable furniture version.


Happy Mood — there’s much more to see: cute little table sets, really precious dogs, and look for the sign to TP to the garden area — more gorgeous and massive trees! We love the big trees!


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