*Freebie Alert* [ba], Ingrid Ingersoll, & Trompe Loeil


From Barnesworth Anubis’ notecard:

“Hello everyone! Your favorite 3 Tableau prefab makers have set up shop just under the majestic Mount Tableau in our own little Prefab Promenade.

You can now find Ingrid Ingersoll’s Homestore, Trompe Loeil Artistic Prefabs, and [ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs and furniture all right next to each other!

To celebrate and show everyone what we have to offer (both new and old) we have set up a house tour with freebies at every stop! 20 freebies in all! Swing by any of our three shops and look for the Prefab Promenade Grand Opening poster for details on how to get started! “

Dear readers, you know that I adore [ba] and Ingrid Ingersoll — and Trompe Loeil is another amazing place everyone should see — so I got myself over there and took the house tour and grabbed the freebies! The house tour is always fun because these three designers have some of the most awesome houses in all of SL — and to get free stuff, too? This is my heaven. Everyone needs to take a few minutes to check it out — cuz look at what you get!!!!


EVERYTHING you see in this pic is available as a freebie on the house tour. Additionally, there is also a megaprim tree, some beautiful pink lillies, and fireplace fire (just the logs and the fire, handy to have!) – I just couldn’t fit those in the picture. The rug you see here is tintable, too!

I started at [ba] and picked up the tour LMs, so here’s that SLurl – hurry, go now!


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  1. should I visit as it is the list order?
    I have visited by mistake on the way of the list.
    Anything did not happen in the place that had been visited twice when doing over again from the start of the list again because anything had not happened.
    What should I do?

  2. hi, funky K – i dont think it matters what order you follow, just as long as you’re hitting the houses on the list that you get from the Grand Opening poster. There are other houses out on display that aren’t part of the tour — if you’re going to the ones included in the list from the grand opening poster, then be sure you stay inside each house long enough for the freebie giver to kick in. Some houses take about 2 minutes before the gift is sent.

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