*Designer Quick Hit* …and quick status update!


Hello, dear readers. I have been busy busy busy preparing for the SL Home, Garden, & Patio Expo, which kicks off on May 4th! So, I’m sorry my blogging has been hit or miss…I have several items in my to-do folder…review items, new finds, etc…and I will get to them as soon as the Expo is underway and I can breathe again!

In the meantime, a quick update from Belle Belle! I told you last week about their Midnight Mania boards and Lucky Chair gifts, and I hope you stopped by there to get in on the manic goodness! The next piece in the Luna set has now been added to the board — this week, it’s the Luna living room chair and poof:


I’m showing it with the coffee table and candle set from last week’s update – the coffee table is also still available from the Midnight Mania board. The ‘Quiet Moment’ rocking chair is still available from the Lucky Chairs, as well. Be sure to visit Belle Belle today to join the madness!


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