*Designer Review/New Release* Belle Belle – Dafodil House


A quick post to share another great release from Belle Belle designer Leyla Firefly! To accompany her furniture set of the same name, Leyla offers the Dafodil House – a cute, simple, and just-right sized prefab.

exterior bothI really love the little yard areas that are included – I had this rezzed up on my sky platform, so imagine how much cuter this would be on actual land! The yard areas add a nice ready-made landscaping to the house – very creative touch. 🙂

Inside the Dafodil, it’s 2 large rooms downstairs and 1 upstairs. Dear readers, you know I am not a fan of the mega-houses we so often see in SL, and that’s why I say this is just-right sized. Plenty of room to fit in some nice pieces and lots of accents, but not so much room that you can never fill it. This would be an easy house to decorate to the point of “cozy”.

first floorThe pictures above are of the first floor. I love the large windows that let in plenty of natural light. The curtains are scripted to close, too, if you need the privacy. There is a small kitchen in the corner – just a sink and a few cabinets, and those can be removed if you choose. Upstairs is an L-shaped bedroom – which would be great for a sleeping area AND a sitting area — with a nice bathroom tucked into the corner.

2nd floorThe bathroom items can be removed, too. The house overall is 207 prims (155 of those are the kitchen and bath objects), and needs a parcel at 2560 sqm minimum.  You can pick up a mod/copy/no transfer version for $1990L at Belle Belle; the sale board is located next to the Dafodil furniture set.

Leyla also has the May freebie available in store now – located to the right of the main entrance – a super cute herb rack!


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