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Hello! 🙂 Two quick items this morning:

expo ad

If you missed them, you can see my highlights from the Home Expo here, here, and here. It was an amazing week – I made some new connections, gained some new customers, and really just got to immerse myself in home/garden stuff. Heaven! The greatest thing, of course, is that the Expo was one giant fundraiser for Relay For Life — and I am very happy to share with you that overall, the Expo raised $535,313L for RFL. Wow!!! Thanks so much to all who visited the Expo and contributed!!


DSN logo

If you haven’t already checked out the DSN *and* enrolled…well, then, get to it. 🙂 As described on the website, the “Designer Showcase Network is a service connecting content creators of Second Life with prospective customers. Residents of SL can subscribe to the DSN free of charge via any of the various kiosks, and chose among 9 channels. The Network then delivers promotional samples from the participating designers to them – no more than one per day and channel, randomly selected.” To break that down to its simplest: you get free stuff delivered to you every morning. Hell yeah. No hunting, no traveling around the grid — just log in, and ta da! There is a list of participating designers on the website, as well as locations of the in-world kiosks – sign up now!!

I’ll be back later today with a Designer Review. Talk to you soon!


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