I’m no good at titles.


Hello, dear readers! I’ve got some wonderful new releases to share from Forbidden Thorn and from Scarlet Creative. Read on!

Forbidden Thorn- Avery Bedroom: I reviewed Forbidden Thorn a few months ago, seen here, and really just loved what Xadie Katscher had to offer. As mentioned in that post, Xadie had told me that bedrooms were in the works…and now they’re here! Xadie was kind enough to send the Avery Bedroom to me for review – and I’m sure she chose that set because I made it clear that I adore her Avery living room! I still love any furniture that hangs, so the Avery bed is dreamy to me. 🙂 In her note, Xadie shared:

Forbidden Thorn will be releasing four original bedroom sets on Tuesday, September 8th!  The set included in this folder was selected based on styles you have blogged in the past, and hopefully it’s to your taste. [Elle’s note: see, told ya. ;)] To celebrate the release of the bedroom sets, they will be 25% off from the time they are released until 10 pm SLT Wednesday September 9th.  Following that, beds will be priced at only L$850 each, with full sets ranging from L$1100 to L$1600.

That means that you need to get over there NOW and check out the new sets! Here are a few shots of the Avery set – the bed is packed with couples animations, so take a pal to help you test it. 😉

forbidden thorn bed

forbidden thorn dresser all

Forbidden Thorn


Scarlet Creative – Vintage Here Comes The Sun prefab: Scarlet Creative, by Charlotte Bartlett, is well-known for gorgeous modern houses, with clean lines, light colors, and great details. (It also occurs to me that I’ve never blogged Scarlet Creative properly, so I will plan to remedy that soon!) Charlotte has just released the Here Comes The Sun house, a “vintage cottage” in Charlotte’s words, with textures that give more of a shabby chic feel. What I really love about this house is that, in my opinion, it’s a very modern take on vintage. So, you know – modern vintage, one of the best oxymorons in design. 🙂

scarlet exterior

The layout of the house is very simple and clean – you’ve got an open floor plan that is subtly divided in to 4 rooms, and then a separate bedroom off to the side. I love the large windows, and especially the skylight ceiling in the center of the main living area…tons of natural light in here!

scarlet interior all

I decided to dress up the house, really just for my own fun, so you’re seeing Second Spaces furniture in most of these pics. (The bedroom, of course, is the Avery set from earlier in the post.) The grasses and flowers outside are a mix of items from Organica and from Shade Fantasy. When you go to see the prefab at Scarlet Creative, you’ll see some of Charlotte’s furniture on display.  In Charlotte’s announcement of the new house, she also mentioned the following:

Also as it’s our 3rd birthday if you purchase the house prior to the 21st September I will send you the current furniture for free x  Just notecard me once purchased.

That’s a great deal!!

scarlet rooms 1

scarlet rooms 2

I love the little entry foyer – great for a sideboard, bench, wing chairs, floor plant…some or all of those. I also really like the added touch of support columns in the bedroom – it’s the little things that give such character! The house also comes with a set of 10 Artisan Lanterns – great for indoors and out!

scarlet lamps all

Scarlet Creative


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  1. Yes Charlotte houses are indeed grand, one thing, dont expect to get the package for furniture in a hurry, she has done this promo once b4 it took me weeks and several follow up IM’s and notecards to finally get my pack. why she doesnt include it in the initial buy is beyond me

  2. Hmm I bought a few earlier houses from this designer in the past, but the latest collection pales by comparison IMO. She went from large modern sleek, to the zen collection, which is average at best, then a grundge house, cool but not my style. And now this, just my personal opinion, but I hate it.

  3. eek eek. Stuart, I don’t normally include it and give it for free because it’s an add on. Sorry you had a delay on yours in you contact me in world I can chat to you.

    Beulah, um each collection is different and driven by my taste. I hope you like the Scarlet 4.0 Range which is the complete new range and replaces all the older models. It’s sleek and has been modelled around fluid architecture. Hopefully perhaps back to your liking. Hate, strong word but guess that’s just your way of expressing your emotions.


  4. Oh and I just realised I got the names muddled – comment 1 to Amanda, comment 2 to Stuart.


    Feel free to chat to me inworld, on your SL accounts. Always open to feedback ❤

  5. Hmm yeah I guess I didn’t mean hate lol, I am just a fan of the old costa range. I look forward to the new range, I like sleek, modern and clean lines, I’ve no idea what fluid architecture is, but I am looking forward to finding out,.

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