I’ve been a busy blogger this morning!


Alright – get ready – I’ve got things to share. Lots of good things to be had across the grid this weekend…and the Halloween decorations are coming out already…so here we go!

Ambiance: Free Gift!!! Available for 2 days only!!

ambiance sign

Look for the large gift bag vendor located within the Regency Dining Room display at Ambiance!

[SLurl here]

Belle Belle: New Lucky Board items! These are for members only…and like I always tell you, you should be a member of this group already!!

belle clocks

There are Lucky Boards in both Belle  Belle buildings, so be sure to hit ’em both!

[SLurl here]

GREENE Concept: the Halloween goodies are coming out at GREENE Concept! The Halloween version of the Berlin chair is a great accent piece – I still like using the Berlin as a coffee table – it’s perfect!

greene berlinYou’ll also find this awesome Celtic Cross (it comes with fog options, too) AND it’s only 19L!! Great for your spooky graveyard! You can grab the Halloween editions of the Quintos Chronometer, too – the bats are so cute when they come flying out. 🙂

greene cross

greene clocks

Be sure to stalk the Lucky Chair, too – I know at least the Halloween Berlin is loaded in there!

[SLurl here]

Kunstkammer: Kunstkammer is participating in this week’s 50L Friday sale, so be sure to get by there before 11:59 PM SLT tonight! Her 50L item is a precious beaded curtain – three colors to choose from – and what’s best about the curtain is that it swings when you run through it! Those of us who are children of the 60s-70s remember how exciting it is to run thru a beaded curtain and leave it swinging…yay for an SL version!

kunst beaded curtain

The current group gift for the Kunstkammer group is these precious little Spooky Mushrooms – they have little glow particles shooting out, and they are mod so you can resize as needed. I plan to include lots of these in my spooky forest!

kunst mushrooms

Speaking of spooky – right now, Kunstkammer’s Haunted House kits are 50% off!! I’m not sure how long the sale lasts, so be sure to grab yours soon!

kunst haunted kit

I’ll have those in my spooky forest, too. 🙂

[SLurl here]


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