The Loft – Wisteria


I’m willing to bet that the SL universe is already pretty well a-buzz about The Loft’s long-awaited release of the Wisteria home. I know I am not the first blogger to post it, and I’ve seen the plurks popping up on my timeline to indicate that everyone and their brothers are heading to The Loft sim to check it out. Still, I can’t not post it, too….because it is AWESOME. Plus, dear readers, you all know that I. Love. The Loft. Period.

loft exterior

Here’s what I can tell you about the Wisteria. Colleen Desmoulins and Bethany Heart have been working on the house and the furniture since at least March, and maybe even earlier than that. That should indicate right there just how much has gone into this project and what level of detail you can expect to find. When I say “detail”, here’s what I mean: tons of accessories, tons of animations, amazingly and realistically textured objects, full suites of furniture, and overall a house that feels like someone lives there. The official release notice from The Loft states “…the Wisteria is large in scale, yet still cozy enough for your friends and family.” I couldn’t say it better.

loft living room

The super exciting part for me is that I got to work with Colleen on a tiny piece of the project!! I mentioned the tons of animations – and really, there are tons all over the house – and I’m very happy to say that about 9 or 10 of the kitchen animations are custom work by me! Cutting veggies, making a sandwich, wiping the counter, cleaning the window…those are just a few of mine, and I had a great time making them. Yay!

loft dining room

Even if you have no intention of buying, I really hope you’ll go see the Wisteria in person. The pics in this post are also from the official release notice, but they still don’t show you everything there is to see. You really need to explore every corner, play with all the animated items, and just be in the house. It’s worth the trip. 🙂

loft bathroom

The house is available alone, or as a complete package with all furniture included. You can also buy the room sets individually, and this is furniture that will work in any house of traditional or contemporary/modern design. So go, go now, and see the splendor up close. Oh! Also from the official notice: “A free gift awaits you on the second floor.  Look for a pair of sconces with candles.” 😉

The Loft

loft bedroom

**UPDATE** Check The Loft blog here for more pictures!

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  1. Well, I went to look at it and only to look at it, but I could not help myself I bought it.

    Needless to say I won’t be needing any other prefab for a long long time, this is the absolute ultimate in prefabs, the prefab of prefabs you simply can not top it……..IN LOVE

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  3. Actually I’m shocked, I have just got round to looking at this. It’s a fab design, but I am shocked that a builder of this level of experience has un aligned seams and prims. The door seams are all a flicker, not good, I am disapointed in the quality

  4. I thought I would take a look after reading a few reviews, I love the house, but I do agree with what Callie is saying there is a lot of little flickerings around the door ways and some parts of the house are not textured very well. But I guess you could correct it as it is modifyable. Not sure I want that hassle for the price of it though.

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