Plurk rules my life.


Happy Sunday, dear readers! I’ve got some cool stuff for you tonight – like I ever have anything that’s non-cool, but you know what I mean.

First, The Loft has released a gorgeous (of course) new set, the Adwin Living Room. Words are not needed – the pictures tell you all you need to know!

loft allGo to The Loft!


Now, as mentioned in the title – Plurk rules my life. Since I joined Plurk in February, I’ve met tons of SL folks I would probably not ever have met otherwise…and I get to hear about more finds and exciting stuff than I think I ever have by reading blogs. What that means, then, is that I’m totally gonna steal from my Plurk pals and blog some of the places that they’ve plurked. It’s all in the spirit of sharing and giving and stuff. 😉 So here are some pretty awesome places I heard about through Plurk…

Jordan Giant: okay, Jordan is a person, not a place. She has some of the most precious little skyboxes ever – they’re available on XStreet, and you can visit them in-world – just check Jordan’s profile Picks and she has them tabbed there. First, the snow.white skybox | loft – the furniture is not included, and isn’t made by Jordan, but she’s done an amazing job of staging so that you can see the potential here!

snow white allmy skybox – such a cozy spot! The window includes texture changes, too, so you can select different views.

attic all

drift.wood skybox – I LOVE the wood texture on this one. The hanging lightbulbs are included, and are so cute! They each turn on/off individually, which is just fun. 🙂

driftwood allAgain, check Jordan Giant’s profile in-world to TP to check these out, and buy them at XStreet!


{what next} home store: owned by Winter Thorn, {what next} is a really cute collection of pieces falling into shabby chic, casual contemporary, and modern categories. (Not all at once, but you know what I mean.) Great basic pieces, as well as lots of cute accessories — and the Christmas shop is just now being set up, so be sure to take a look!

what next all 2

what next all 1I *love* the light wood chairs and the blue/grey rug in the Milan set (3 pictures up)! Go see what’s next at {what next} (see what I did there?) – SLurl here!

Also, join Plurk, if you’re not there already, and friend me!

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  1. Yay! You featured Jordan’s stuff! I love seeing designers and builders that I love and that are just starting out and who are so talented start to get recognized and get their stuff out there! Ok, whew that was a really long sentence!

    Great post!

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