*Designer Review* -abode- Aldwyn – Heritage Home


Another new house from Aya Liotta of -abode-! The Aldwyn-Heritage Home, a cute little cottage ideal for smaller parcels – simple and clean lines, with a touch of character in the textures.

I was feeling ambitious and decided to dress it up a bit for the pics, 1) because it’s like playing dress up for me, and 2) to give some perspective on the size of the living area. I didn’t fill it up and still managed to have three distinct areas: living room, dining(ish), and bedroom. I think the space could be used much more effectively than I demonstrated here, with some creative thinking and more time spent – so let those imaginations kick in. 😉

I like the added detail of the windowboxes (seen in the first group of pics) – I’ve always loved being able to dress up windows with cute little flowers. The back deck is nice, too, with the slatted roof. I added the swing lounger from MudHoney – makes it a great place for lounging on a lazy afternoon. All the furniture/accessories seen here are pulled from Second Spaces, MudHoney, and the m.fox Collection (no longer available).

Swing by -abode- to see the Aldwyn for yourself! [SLurl]

**NOTE: Oh yeah, Aya reminded me: the house is available for just $250L until Monday night! Get to it!**


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