[SPRY] –adjective, active; nimble; agile; energetic; brisk.


Another adorable house from Stacie Pryor and [SPRY]! Stacie sent me her latest, the all my days country home, and it’s just as lovely as every one of its predecessors. I had some time to dress it up a bit on this go-round, which was fun. I really like the illusion of the house – from the outside, it looks like a typical 2-story farmhouse…but on the inside, it’s a quaint and cozy 1-story cottage. I don’t know why, but that pleases me. 🙂

I adore a good porch, as you all know, and the all my days has two to choose from! The front porch is where I spent some decorating time — and the front porch is where you sit to watch people go by, so I declare it time well spent. Roomy enough for seating and then some!

Inside is an open layout, with an alcove on each side. It’s definitely large enough to work in a living area and bedroom, maybe office/workroom, maybe even dining, if you get creative with your zones. I love having the ceiling open to the faux second story – keeps it very light and airy.

You’ll see that I left a lot of empty space in the center, just because I ran out of time. There’s so much more that could be done with that space!

Some specific little details that I really like: the ceiling is awesome. I love the rough wood look and the textured cross beams are a great touch. Likewise, the crown moulding textured in throughout the build gives great character.

Great job, once again, by Stacie! Be sure to swing by her [SPRY] location to see for yourself!

[SPRY] [SLurl]

*Furniture/decor from Second Spaces, MudHoney, Ambiance, Scarlet Creative, Kyoot Home


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