Ohhi – is this thing on?


Hi there! I am attempting to come back from my SL/blogging hiatus, and have some catching-up to do. I’ve had a few review folders waiting for a few weeks – so my next couple of posts won’t be breaking news by any means, but are cool things that I want to show you. I’m a giver.

Theodore DuCasse sent me some new skyboxes from Ambient Designs @ Zanzo – the series is named Aurora Hideaway, and there are about 6 designs to choose from. Each skybox is the same size and layout, just different color/design schemes. These are perfect for little getaway spots – pretty tiny and cozy, with great accents. Each box has a little hallway that leads into a bedroom, and each comes with a bed, a little comfy chair, and a set of 3 framed prints. The window details are great, giving a skylight effect – and all the lights/shadows are baked in! I do not have shadows enabled for these pics, so all that gorgeous light play is in the textures. I love it! Here’s a peek at my favorite designs:

Rat Pack (I love the brick walls in the hallway):

Cute Carnival:

Silhouette Forest:

Neutron 60 (my favorite favorite!!):

You can see the rest of the designs at Ambient Design [SLurl]


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