NOTsoBAD = alwaysGREAT


Emilie Freund of NOTsoBAD sent me a few new sets over the past few weeks (I’m still catching up!). I always get excited for new NsB releases – big, small, simple, complex – they’re always a great final product.

Flanelle Desk Set
– here’s a nice basic office set – desk, chairs, computer, and accessories. The chairs are color-change…to, like, a zillion different colors…and include a really nice selection of sit animations. The desk top is texture-change, too. I love the blueprints all rolled up on the desk, and that lamp is awesome!

Also new(ish) from NOTsoBAD is the Divo table set. The stools are color-changeable…again with a zillion color choices (give or take). The side table is one of those staples that I love having around – great in a foyer, or up against the back of a couch, or in a hallway…and perfect for holding all sorts of accessories, both decorative and utilitarian. What’s really awesome about this set is the shadows that are included — I do not have shadows enabled for these pics – what you see is exactly what you get with the items themselves. It gives such great depth!

Check out Flanelle and Divo at NOTsoBAD [SLurl]


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