20,000 Leagues Under


Good morning! I’ve got another awesome scene from the Belle Belle Bliss Box series today – the Naughtylus! Leyla has done another amazing job, creating a skybox that looks like you’re deep in the sea – that may somehow defy physics, really. It’s got a gorgeous steampunk design, complete with spinning gears and pulley levers and sparks and awesomeness and more.

The panoramic view of the ocean is beautiful – there’s a lot of motion in there, the fish swimming, the bubbles bubbling, and the occasional jellyfish floating by.

There are a couple little seating areas, plus a really cute little desk area – you know, for charting courses and whatnot.

Speaking of whatnot – like all of Leyla’s Bliss Boxes, the Naughtylus comes packed with animations. You know…animations *wink wink*. I’ve shared the menus with you in past reviews of the earlier Bliss Boxes, and all of those options are included this time, too. In addition is a sub-menu titled “Capt. Favz” :

Aye, aye, Captain.

To wrap up, some of the cute little details that Leyla is so great at adding:

Go check out the Naughtylus Bliss Box, as well as the Calypso Cave, Firefly Dream, and San Francisco boxes at Belle Belle! [SLurl]


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