A confession…


You know how sometimes – frequently in movies – people will slowly come to realize that they love someone? Like, that someone was always in front of them, and they were falling all the time, they just never knew it until one day they’re like “whoa. I’m in love!” Right? Okay – that’s how I feel about cabinets and dressers. [dramatic pause] I’ve been a big, big fan of furniture and decor and houses for a really long time – but I only recently realized that I LOVE LOVE LOVE case goods: cabinets, sideboards, dressers, etc. And I think it’s because with cabinets, you get surfaces. And on surfaces, you can place stuff. And I reallyreallyreallyreally love stuff. And that love, my friends, is what brings me here today.

Look! Cabinets with stuff on them!

I made cabinets and a dresser…and to proclaim my love (again), I named them ‘Love’. Now available at Second Spaces. ♥

*stuff not included, but you can find lots of stuff at Second Spaces, too, just perfect for your cabinets.

Second Spaces [SLurl]


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