ohhi, Soho!


Dear NOTsoBAD Team,

I heart you.

Kthx, Elle.

Emilie Freund of NOTsoBAD sent me their latest amazingness, the Soho Loft Skybox. As with everything that NsB puts out, the Soho has amazing textures and shadows/lighting, gorgeous attention to detail, and it makes my heart go pitter-patter. Please to take a look:

[sigh] The skybox is available with and without the outside surround…I chose to show you pics with the surround because it’s gorgeous! It puts you right in the heart of downtown!

The center wall, the paintings, and the fireplace are all included, and can also all be moved or removed. This is an amazing build that’s perfect for contemporary chic decor – I love the idea of the rough brick, concrete, and exposed pipes mixed with lots of glitz & glam. Perfect!

Go see the Soho at NOTsoBAD, right here [SLurl].


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  1. It’s lovely but I wish they posted the suggested lot size…or atleast put it somewhere easy to find. The size testers are great but just wish they gave an idea of how large your lot needs to be to fit.

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