Kawaii Hunt!



The Albero Kawaii Hunt is underway! Second Spaces is participating – my hunt prize is the Kawaii Cute set, including 2 chairs and super cute embroidery hoops!


This is a HUD-based hunt. Start here and purchase a free object containing the HUD, instructions, prize list and the first clue, in local chat. Each clue leads you to another piece of the HUD, and once it’s all filled in, you’ll be able to pick up the prizes from the participating stores!

Go play!!

Here’s a list of all the amazing stores that are participating!

Awesome Blossom / Blow-Up / Caroline’s Jewelry / Cat’s Eye Angels Product /Cheeky Pea / Cleo Design /Cool Beans /Croire / d-lab /DECO /DownDownDown /Duh! /FIR & MNA /Hoot /Ingenue /Just A Pose /LaGyo /Les Petits Details /mocha /Modest House /Nanuk /Naminoke /No Strings Attached / Noirlicious /Olive Juice /PianPiano /PinkyToast /Saturine Dreams /Second Spaces /So Many Styles /Still Life GARDEN /Sway’s /Tasty /This is a Fawn /Tiny Bird /TOSL /True Love Never Dies /Willow /Zigana


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