Molto Bene had a farm….house


My music soul mate (MSM), Annunziata Macchi, sent me her latest release from Molto Bene – the Farmhouse. This is a cute little cabin, and it totally reminds me of houses in North Carolina where my relatives lived when I was a kid…there were always lots of little houses that were not so wide, but were very deep.

*PLEASE NOTE: I think SL was being super goofy for me when I was taking these pics. The doors at the back of the house refused to rez for me, ever – so in these pics, they have that weird unrezzed sculpt blob thing going on, and I apologize! Just ignore that!*

Inside, the Farmhouse is just a simple 3 room layout, very light and airy. I’d love to see some more depth/definition at the wall/floor corners, but I do like the textures that Annunziata used, especially the rough wood planks.

The bedroom ceiling is vaulted, which is a nice touch to keep it feeling open…plus it has 3 doors that open to the back porch, which is so nice for waterfront properties.

I also love that Annunziata has the windows open throughout the house – makes me picture soft white billowy curtains blowing in a spring breeze. Nice. 🙂 I also love that she has this tiny little hall leading to the bedroom – it just seems very sweet country to me.

Check out the Farmhouse at Molto Bene![SLurl]


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