Home Expo Goodness – part 4


Fornicola Butuzova and Amo Lambeau of Pre Fabulous have done it again! They are premiering their latest house, the Modern House One, at Home Expo, and it is breathtaking!

As always with Pre Fabulous houses, the Modern House One is stunningly textured with gorgeous light and shadow and includes amazing details. I also like that it’s such a grand house without feeling cavernous — there’s plenty of room, but not so much room that you can’t make it cozy.

I love the artwork that’s included in the house, and that curved sofa is all retro groovy, which I totally dig! You really need to see this house in person to fully appreciate it…and even if you’re not in the market for a house like this, be sure to check out the decorative items that can be purchased separately for RFL!

Oh, and speaking of light and shadows, look at the detail in the next two pics. All that shadow and light is baked in to the texture!!

Visit Pre Fabulous at Home Expo [SLurl]


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