Home Expo Goodness, part 6!


I am really trying to cover the entire Home Expo before…well, really, before Saturday morning, because I am out of town this weekend! Whew! Here are some more great things I’ve found that you need to check out!

The Looking Glass by Marcus Inkpen: I feel like I have seen or heard of The Looking Glass before…but apparently not enough to have a solid memory of it. I can guarantee I’ll remember it going forward, though, because OMG – I am in love with this Parisian Row Home! β™₯

These may be some of the best-textured sculpted stairs I’ve ever seen.

And ohmygoodness, look at that tub! First, the shading on the tub and the faucets, and all around them, is amazing. Secondly, look at the floor reflected in the shiny body of the tub. SL doesn’t have reflections – that’s textured in!! Genius AND amazingly well done!

Visit The Looking Glass at Home Expo [SLurl]

Fae Faire Home & Garden – this was a new shop to me. Designed by Jade Winthorpe, FFH&G brings some really cute and very whimsical houses and garden accessories. Fun!

Fae Faire Home & Garden at Home Expo [SLurl]

Gigi’s Attic by Waverly Kline: I hadn’t heard of Gigi’s Attic before, but I do know Waverly from back in the day. πŸ™‚ (Hi, Waverly!) She’s got some fun skyboxes, and for just 99L, which is pretty awesome. I know that cakes aren’t furniture or decor, BUT I love well-done SL food, and these cakes are gorgeous! I also really like Waverly’s vendor ad format – the price stickers are so cute!

Gigi’s Attic at Home Expo [SLurl]

I found some cute things at Shabby Tabby by Rosemaery Lorefield. I like her rough textures, and the little seed trays with little wee plants are just cute!

Shabby Tabby at Home Expo [SLurl]

Home Expo ends on May 22!!


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