If you go anywhere today, it should be here.


The Nest, SL’s newest Home & Garden mecca, officially opens today at noon SLT! This gorgeous sim is filled with some of the best home and garden designers from all around the grid, and is bound to become your favorite one-stop shop for dressing up your nest!

The Nest [SLurl]

Y’s HOUSE ● The Loft ● Bethany Heart ● C&D Designs ● Tatty Soup ● {what next} ● vespertine ● [kusshon] ● Funky Junk ● Mudhoney ● nodari ● north west ● Theosophy ● Second Spaces ● Lisp Bazaar ● Barnesworth Anubis ● Fucifino ● corbin coage ● eklectik Furniture & Decor ● Baffle! ● Croire ● cluttered flowey ● Art Dummy! ● molte bene ● UrbanizeD ● inSight Designs ● bitter vanilla ● Abode ● Adorkable Poses ● *Mary’s Little Lamb ● *Comfy Within** ● pointee ● Petticoat Lane ● Crackberry ● Clutter ● mebbery ● Ambiance Interactive Furnishings ● [[[nocc.]]] ● Little Boxes ● Sways ● Thistle Homes ● La’Licious ● Dutchie ● elefantu ● …. and more….. all on one sim!

I’m very happy to have a Second Spaces satellite shop at The Nest – and I’m supersupersuper happy to be sharing the adorable train station with one of my favorite designers: Pandora Popstar of [LISP] Bazaar! Be sure to stop by!!

The Nest [SLurl]


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