Labor Day? More like Easy Money Day!! …or something.


It’s Labor Day weekend here in the States — and it’s apparently super-awesome-sales-and-stuff weekend in SL!

The Nest is kicking off a whole week of Sidewalk Sales and Gatcha machines, full of home & garden goodness!!

Starting this afternoon at 4PM SLT, be sure to come stroll through the streets to pick up great sidewalk bargains, and hit the Gatcha machines for some shopping fun! There’s also a party to get it all started – come join us at 4PM SLT at the park across from the Gatchas!

The Nest [SLurl]


There’s also a big weekend of fun going on over at Pull d’Vagin – sales and a block party! This isn’t strictly home & garden stuff, of course, but there is some of that mixed in! Plus, Swan Ling, who runs Pull d’Vagin, is my RL sister…so, you know, nepotism rules around here.

Be sure to check it out! Pull d’Vagin [SLurl]


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