I am always very excited to see a review folder from Emilie Freund and NOTsoBAD! Emilie sent me the newest set – Ella – and as always, it’s just gorgeous.

It’s a simple set, but so wonderfully detailed and textured. All the shadows are baked in and all the pieces have such great depth…plus it just looks really comfy.

I love the coffee table, and especially the floor shadows under the table. Perfect!

The upholstery textures are so pretty – I can just imagine the nubby wool on the cushions. This is a great neutral palette, too, so it would work really well with almost any colors in your room.

I love the wood texture, too…I’m always a sucker for great wood (heh). Emilie also did a great job of bringing all these wooden slats together for a really low prim count. The chairs are 9 prims, the sofa is 14, and the table is just 4. Nice!

Check out the Ella set at NOTsoBAD! [SLurl]

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