Happy 2012.

Update your viewer to mesh-capable if you haven’t already.

I love mesh.

Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie is meshing it up all over the place, and I support that. Following her cute little kitchen table, she has now come out with this PRECIOUS mesh kitchen. It’s so cottagey!!

The kitchen comes all linked as one object, at 76 prims. It’s also color-changeable with just a click of the stove hood.

(The kitchen is also copy/mod, so you can unlink it and modify if you want. Be aware, though, that unlinking it will cause the prim count to go up, because mesh is goofy that way.)

Great light and shadow in this set gives it such realism. Oh, in case you don’t know me at all yet, those are not SL shadows in the pics…those are all baked right in to the textures. ♥

Froukje has some really cute little details included…

(I love that the faucets are marked for hot and cold. Cute!)

…and there are lots of great anims and props included in the kitchen, too. Some for you, and some for you and a pal…IF ya know what I mean.

I had no pal at the time of these pics. But my dishes are clean!

Check out the mesh kitchen at Dutchie! [SLurl]

P.S. Froukje has also just released a mesh iron stove. OMG.

P.P.S. She also has the cute little details available for sale individually…so if you don’t need a whole kitchen, you should still totally grab some of the accessories to dress up your place.


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  1. Ethese are really great and Dutchie make beauitiful stuff.

    what would be nice would be some newer lesser known creators featured on your blog, you seem to only blog the bigger names, i find that disapointing.

    how bout you have a week where you post someone new or not so well known, that would be nice

    it’s the same with SUY same designer click month after month

    • Eve, thanks for your comment and feedback. 🙂 I love finding new creators – either new to building or even just new to me – who are producing great work that I can spotlight. If you have any suggestions for shops I can check out, please send those to me in-world. You can also check out my review policy to see what sort of things I look for in the stuff I blog.

      As for the “big name” designers, I will continue to blog them as long as they continue to produce amazing items. They didn’t get to be big names on name alone. 🙂


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