The one where I play poser.


It’s time for a new month at Atelier Kreslo!!! I’m very happy to announce that this month’s collaboration is between Gala Charron of *Art Dummy! and….me! Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings! Yay! I love Gala’s work and I loved having a chance to work with her. You know how AK works — one designer builds the seat, and another designer creates the poses for it. Gala built the Daydream Stool and I had a great time making some fun poses for it!

Those pics are from the AK Cafe – which you know I love – and Gala set up the stools with my Simple Dining table (available at Second Spaces). I love the different textures that Gala used on the stools; the grungy white is my favorite, of course. All of the textures look great – I love the different mix of hard woods and I love the bright colors, too. These are great simple stools to use at your bar or for casual seating in the kitchen or living room, and only 5 prims! The bright ones are perfect ways to add a pop of color in your space!

Now let’s check out those poses! 😉 

There are a few more poses that I didn’t show…and the balloon is included (and color-changeable!) with the stools. Like I said, I had a great time working on this with Gala — so be sure to get over to AK and check ’em out! I think we did a great job. 😉

OH! I almost forgot to mention — these are sold in packs of two!! Each pack comes with one stool in the specific color or finish, and then a second stool with white legs where just the seat is the particular color or finish. Fun!

Atelier Kreslo [SLurl]


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  1. Thanks so much for working with me, Elle! I absolutely love how the poses turned out. I think the balloon poses and the airplane pose are my favorites. Oh and your dining table is my new fave piece of furniture.

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