You need this, tout de suite!


I told you the other day that I had more Collabor88 stuff to show you…AND SHOW YOU, I WILL!

Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea has made an SL dream of mine come true – she’s made a lovely bathtub couch as part of her Millesime Baignoire Room set for this month’s Paris-themed Collabor88. Thank you, Isla! ♥

And yes, OH YES, that is a giant macaron (texture-changeable!) for sitting. Dreams coming true all over the place.

There are lots of really cute little details in this set – I think the topiary is super cute, and I love the little radio.

Those posters are intended to be hung on the wall, but I kinda love having art prints just casually propped around, so I went with that for these pics. 

Now, let’s get back to that awesome sofa. In addition to being precious, it also includes some really cute sits and some fun props. These are just my favorites:

I’m knitting!

Be sure to get over to Collabor88 quickly to get some great prices on this set. Oh, btw, I totally googled a translation for “Millesime Baignoire” — it means “vintage bathtub”. It’s fun to learn.

Cheek Pea at Collabor88 [SLurl]


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