I’m a peeker.


You know that the 2012 Home Expo starts in SIX DAYS, right?

This year there will be FOURTEEN sims. Do you realize how crazy that is?? CRAZY LIKE A DOORKNOB. I’m currently scrambling to finish up all my new Second Spaces items, and I’ll be sharing more on those later…and once Expo is open, I’ll be sharing expo highlights with you, as well. Today, though, I’ve been peeking. I’m a peeker.

Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie gave me access to her work platform so I could check out her Expo stuff…so I did. And maybe I pretended to live there for a while. And maybe I took a bath. Whatever. Regardless, if this stuff doesn’t make you excited for Expo…then, well, you’re dead to me. Or something equally dramatic but more applicable to the situation. 

P.S. Froukje kicks mesh ass.


I don’t really know any details about the new items, since technically everything is still a work-in-progress…although I think Froukje has basically reached perfection already. All I do know is that 1) this stuff is awesome….2) it will be available at Home Expo, starting May 19th…3) you need it all.

Stay tuned for more info about the Expo, coming soon!


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