I’ll be by the pool.


Another great house at Collabor88 this month: the Palm Springs Cottage from Barnesworth Anubis. This feels very mid-century Hollywood to me…like I need large sunglasses, a floppy yet stylish hat, and a tall drink whilst I lounge on a chaise by the pool. That would be cool.

The house and courtyard are surrounded by a privacy wall which gives a nice feeling of a luxurious hideaway retreat. Inside is a nice open living area with a ton of windows, which I love. I also really like that Barnes has used transom windows on the side and back walls – that way you still get the airy feeling while still having wall space for decor. That’s just smart thinking.

For my tastes, of course, I would love to see more shadows with the furniture and a bit more shading in the walls and floor. Barnes does a really great job, though, of mixing different textures so that his builds are always very visually interesting, and don’t feel at all one-dimensional.

I love those screens. ♥

You can pick up the Palm Springs Cottage at this month’s Collabor88, right here [SLurl]! You get both a house and skybox version, and you can pick it up unfurnished or furnished! 


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