Consider me inspired.


Remember when I told you guys about a new project in the works, from the creative genius mind of Pitsch Parx? Well, that project turned into SL Interior Forecast, and the first volume has been published!

Here’s what Pitsch has said with the release of this first volume:

This new inspiration book will be devoted to SL interior design, and we intend to release forecast books four times a year.

‘Inspiration’ is aimed at interior, garden and prefab designers, texture artists, but of course anybody can pick it up and get inspired!

We want to make clear that the Inspiration books are not meant to be a commercial magazine: this book is, and always will be, the result of creative collaboration between people from across Second Life ™ and it is non-profit making with everyone giving their time for free.

Our plan is to join talented people from all possible disciplines and together, give our readers ideas and inspiration and tips to style their SL lives.
Our objective is for you to enjoy reading this book and to be inspired to create fresh designs for your home.

The Inspiration books will be very visual… mostly a trend forecast and inspiration showcase, your guide to SL’s stylish decor and interiors.
We try to get away from the “classic” concept of magazines as we know them now and we will be primarily focused on styling your SL home.

I got a copy of the book,  and I will be completely honest: my mind was blown. BLOWN. My expectations were exceeded like whoa, and they were pretty high already. The styling — AMAZING. The photos — GORGEOUS. And there’s so much of it!! This is a huge book!!! I don’t want to give it all away, so I tried to pick out just some of my absolute favorite pics…which was not easy to do. But here’s to your enticement…

Omgah. Stunning. If you’re looking for inspiration, you need this book. If you just like looking at home & garden porn — and who doesn’t?? — then you need this book. There are color palettes and textures and tips and so many themes…and really, like I said, the styling and photography are just amazing. I am so very, very impressed. ♥

It’s completely free – you just need to sign up at a kiosk in-world. I’ve got one at the entrance to Second Spaces, so please stop by there and click! [SLurl]

Be sure to also check out the accompanying website, right here. It seems to still be in progress for updating, but what you’ll find there are shop credits for the great items you see in the beautiful pics.

The next edition, Vol. Nr II, Winter into Spring 2013, is planned for October 2012. CAN’T WAIT.

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