throw me some beads.


I’ve probably said this before, in some fashion, but I’ll say it again: Collabor88 is prefab heaven. One of the angels in prefab heaven (oh, I’m committing to the metaphor) is my pal Barnesworth Anubis. This month’s amazingly awesome skybox from Barnes is the New Orleans Studio skybox. Living in this space would be like Mardi Gras every day…with fewer topless ladies…depending on who your friends are.

Available now at Collabor88! [SLurl]


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  1. I don’t wish to be intentionally unkind, but I just feel barnesworth prefabs are no longer up to par really. I liked them when I was noob many moons ago but with the new mesh and all the shadows and things that can now be done barnesworth houses look flat and kind of antiquated to me now. He just hasn’t stepped it up or moved with the times, just my opinion of course.

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