The new round of Collabor88 has started! I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

There’s an awesome amount of gorgeous home and garden items this month. We’ll start with another gorgeous bathtub from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil — the Barrel Bath.

I love the base that comes with it, as seen above. That gives it a wonderful look for outdoors…and who doesn’t like taking baths outside?? Am I right??

The Barrel Bath comes in 2 finishes and 2 versions (PG and Adult). You get the tub, and the base, AND a rezzer that will set them both up for you if you want to use both together. Handy!

I love that faucet. ♥

Pick up your Barrel Bath right now at Collabor88!! [SLurl]

More Collabor88 goodness coming soon!


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