i miss the 70s.


I am finally at the end of my Collabor88 goodies (I think). It’s been a banner month. The last set I want to show off is the Larkin Set from Kaz Nayar and PILOT.

*pic credits at the end of the post

These chairs are my newest favorite thing. Not only are they an awesome example of why mesh is the best thing ever, they’re totally a nostalgia trip for me. I swear everyone had a chair like that back in the 70s — everyone except me, that is. OH, BUT NOW I DO, SUCKAS. NOW I DO.

The Larkin set includes two chairs, that gorgeous display cabinet, the vase, and the little cactus planter. The chairs have lots of great animations for hanging out with your friends, or with your “friends”, as the case may be. And seriously — hanging chairs? Who doesn’t want that??

Grab the Larkin Set right now at Collabor88! [SLurl]

*credits for the first picture:

chairs, display case, vase, cactus planter: PILOT

apothecary cabinet: Zigana

shadow boxes, canvas print: {what next}

rug: nordari.

pizza, drinks: Dutchie


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