teak and then some.


Ooohhhh new stuff from Froukje Hoorenbeek and Dutchie!! Froukje continues to rock the mesh like whoa – I’m always so excited to see what she comes out with! Right now we have the Teak Canopy Bed set:

*additional credits at end of post

I have always been, and always will be, a sucker for a canopy bed. ā™„ The Teak Canopy Bed comes with lots of color options for the comforter, as well as a few different wood options for the frame. It ALSO comes in 3 different versions: PG, Adult, and Bondage. OH MY. I’m too timid to try out the bondage version for blog pics, but don’t let that stop you! (And you know who you are.)

That vanity is perfect. I love the classic styling, and I absolutely adore all the little cosmetics and whatnot that Froukje included in there. The whole set is awesome – really great textures and wonderful shading baked right in. Definitely a must-see!

Go see the whole set at Dutchie! [SLurl]

*credits for first pic:

Bed, vanity, folding screen, wall panels, rug, armoire – Dutchie

Chaise – The Loft

Tray with wine – NOTsoBAD


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  1. Elle, there’s no avatar in these pics so I can’t tell, but I’ve had issue with Dutchie’s furniture being oversized before, dwarfing my average sized avi. Is the scale better here?

    • Hi, Whiskey šŸ™‚ yes, i think the scale is much better than some of Dutchie’s releases in the past. The armoire is tall, but realistically so. Everything else seems spot on to me.

      • Thanks! I found Casa de Smurf’s pics with -ahem- avatars doing their thing, which helped me see the scale. I’ll definitely be checking this set out. *cough*

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