in the cabinet.


It’s a new month of FaMESHed. It’s a new fantastic bed from Trompe Loeil. Let’s do this.

This month, Cory Edo brings us the Cabinet Bed – Morning Light Fabrics. I would like to crawl in here, close the shutters, and sleep until Christmas. ♥

blog fancy

*pic credits at end of post

There are several fabric options to choose from, so you can mix and match all sorts of ways with the bedding and pillows. The cute little windows on the sides have shutters that open and close, too.

blog 1

blog 2

There’s a PG version and an Adult version for…you know. It’s all mesh, and only 19 prim/land impact. Goodness, that’s awesome. As is this bed. As would be a nap in this bed right now. RIGHT NOW.

Swing by FaMESHed to check it out and pick it up! [SLurl]

*credits for first pic

Traveler’s Map – PILOT
Hanging Sox/spigot, chalk Print Set, basket of logs – LISP
Travel Chair – Second Spaces
Chocolatier Drinks Tray – {what next}
coeur painted stool – floorplan.
Storage Box Old Map – The Loft
Rug – White Fur – Ramos Designs
Stove – Dutchie
Felt Ball Garland – MudHoney
POST: Gnesen Farm Shed (aged timber)
Cabinet Bed Morning Light Fabrics – Trompe Loeil


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