pipe dream.


A new round of Atelier Kreslo opened last week. This month, it’s a collaboration between Kaz Nayar of PILOT and RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur Poses.

Presenting the Bari Chair:

blog fancy

*additional credits below

Sort of kooky, sort of mod, totally awesome. Lots of different texture options:

blog 1

I love the attention to little details, like the little bits of writing you can see on some of the pieces of white PVC. Possibly my favorite bit, though, is the perfect metal shine on the legs. That’s great texturing, my friends.

blog 2

The chairs include great poses from Ruby: 6 singles and 2 couples. Not only a great decor piece, but also fun for a photo prop!

Be sure to stop  by Atelier Kreslo now to grab your Bari Chair!! [SLurl]

*additional credits from first pic

rugs – nordari. (Jordan Giant)
guitar, amp, album set: *ionic* MONO (Lakua Arriaga)


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