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It’s time again for The Arcade, an amazing quarterly gacha festival, and I swear it just gets better and better each time! The designers this round have really done amazing things, and I applaud them all!! There are lots of wonderful home and garden items to be had, but I’ll be honest: I am absolutely mental over all the gorgeous food. MENTAL.

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*pic credits at end of post

I love really well done food in SL, just to have around as “set dressing”. I think it makes a kitchen or dining room so much more cozy when you can have delicious-looking goodies out and about. For this round of The Arcade, there are three designers who have absolutely stolen my heart (not for the first time): Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude, Julliette Westerburg of Tres Blah, and Azure Electricteeth of Tee*fy.

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The colors! The textures! The appliances!!! This isn’t even all that is available from these shops, but I had to give my gacha arm a rest. There is, however, a soft-serve ice cream dispenser from Tee*fy that will be mine. Gacha fates willing, IT WILL BE MINE.

Come try your luck at The Arcade, from now until March 31!! [SLurl]

*credits for first pic

Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg):
Tea Time – Poof Balls
Tea Time – Floral Bunting
Tea Time – Table
Tea Time – Tray of Macarons
Tea Time – Cake
Tea Time – Tin with Flowers
Tea Time – Stacked Cups
Tea Time – TeaPot
Tea Time – Cupcakes

Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth):
Cotton Candy Maker azure electricteeth
Cotton Candy Set
Beverage Dispenser Fruit Punch
Candy Cake Pops Set
Cake Pop Maker
Popsicle In Ice Pail
Popsicle Maker
Popsicle Maker Tray

Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop):
Tako Plate allegory malaprop
Blue Tako Plate-Petits Fours&Orange
Yellow Tako Teacup (tea)
Tako Teacup (tea)
Tako Teacup (hot chocolate)
Tako Creamer
Tako Sugar Bowl
Green Tako Teapot
Lilac Tako Tea Tray

wood backdrop: Second Spaces – Savannah Summer Lounge old wood wall (Elle Kirshner)


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