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*pic credits at end of post

Some things make even overgrown grass look awesome. AMIRITE?

(P.S. Since some folks have asked and since I use it in lots of pics: that grass is from Shade Fantasy Outfitters – I’ve had it since 2008, I believe, and it’s still my favorite to use!)

This lovely backyard retreat is a mish-mash of goodness from a few of my favorite designers. I am still so excited about the first round of TLC’s The Garden – Spring never looked so good! – and it’s been a great inspiration for some pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) vignettes.

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The wood pergola and the couch/chair seating are from MudHoney’s Rayvn Hynes. I think I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – Rayvn is rocking the mesh, and I love seeing each new set she releases. I also really love the little wrinkles she works into her upholstery pieces – see the pillows on the couch! SO REAL. ♥

The massage table and spa set is from Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie – who also rocks the mesh HARD – and I just adore the little details of the tray, above. Hot stones, essential oils, and soothing aromatherapy candles? Yes, please.

Speaking of yes, please — I was SO happy to see that Froukje has released some mesh plants. A whole slew of ’em! I love including greenery in my rooms, and these are just gorgeous. They’re mod, too, which means I can size them up or down to fit specific spaces. I SUPPORT THAT.

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Visit TLC’s The Garden [SLurl]

Visit Dutchie [SLurl]

*credits for first 2 pics

wood pergola: MudHoney – Sheryl Garden Pergola (Rayvn Hynes) *
massage table, stacked towels, spa tray: Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
drum tables: MudHoney – Sheryl Drum Table (Rayvn Hynes) *
coil basket: MudHoney – Coil Basket Green (Rayvn Hynes)
rolled towels: Tartessos Arts – Essence Spa Towels (Nico Griffith)
white cabinet: { ililo } – Medicine Cabinet (Zozo Raven)
all potted plants: Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
rug: MudHoney – Sheryl Garden Rug (Rayvn Hynes) *
barber pole: POST – Calhoun Barber Pole (Van Auster)
white canopy: Alouette – Garden Party Canopy (Scarlet Chandrayaan) *
couch, chair (under the canopy): MudHoney – Sheryl Garden Bench (Rayvn Hynes) *
wooden coffee table, side table: fri.home – slat table (Friday Monday) *
wire side table: MudHoney – Sheryl Wire Table (Rayvn Hynes) *
easel: Cheeky Pea – Simple Easel (Isla Gealach)
canvases, artist brushes, artist box: Tartessos Arts (Nico Griffith)
sandwiches, drinks: {what next} – Garden Cafe set (Winter Thorn) *
books: Tartessos Arts – Creator Studio Books (Nico Griffith)
newspaper, mail (on couch): PILOT – Murrow Table DEUX set (Kaz Nayar)

* items marked with an asterisk are currently available at TLC’s The Garden


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