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*pic credits at end of post

There’s a gorgeous new dining room from Rayvn Hynes and MudHoney, available now at this month’s FaMESHed. This is the Ryan Dining set – it’s modern without being cold, with a great pop of color in that red sideboard.

My absolute favorite bit is the table top – I lovelovelove its irregularities and organic rawness. (Note: that may be the most pretentious-sounding description ever recorded on this blog, but I totally mean it. NO APOLOGIES.) But seriously – look at that gorgeous wood and its organic rawness! (There it is again.)

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Those chairs are pretty friggin’ awesome, too – great textures. ♥

Check out the Ryan Dining set at FaMEShed! [SLurl]

*credits from first pic:

table, chairs, place settings, hanging lamp, rug, candles: MudHoney – Ryan Dining (Rayvn Hynes)
sideboard: MudHoney – Ryan Dining Sideboard (Rayvn Hynes)
baskets: MudHoney – Coil Basket Blue (Rayvn Hynes)
painting: MudHoney – Zoom Artwork (Rayvn Hynes)
flowers: MudHoney – Yellow Orchids (Rayvn Hynes)
books: {af} Stacked Books, Tied Books (Apple Fall)
birdcage: Cheeky Pea – Sara Birdcage (Isla Gealach)
bottles (inside sideboard): POST – Trio of Salvaged Glass Bottles (Van Auster)
churn: POST – Wayzata Butter Churn (Van Auster)
wire heart (on wall): Cheeky Pea – Sara Photo Heart (Isla Gealach)
plants: Dutchie – mesh plants (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
curtains: [LeeZu!] – Greta Curtains (LeeZu Baxter)
food: PILOT – Fast Food (Kaz Nayar)


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