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10 of 12!


Don’t forget – the 12 Days events at H&S Village and at Belle Belle are still underway, and almost done!

Today’s $1L items at Second Spaces and Pulling Strings are:

Second Spaces/Pulling Strings at H&S Village


Remember, Belle Belle’s items are freebies, and are only available for one day each!! Here is just a sampling of the goodies that have come before…

Don’t miss the last 3 days of holiday awesomeness!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

*Second Spaces* New holiday stuff!


Joyful Pillows and Wrapped Pillows, now available in the main shop!

Today’s $1L items are also out at Second Spaces and Pulling Strings – the Chalk Drawing – swings and the Say Uncle! poseball set!

Second Spaces [SLurl] and Pulling Strings [SLurl]

Be sure to stop by Belle Belle, too, for today’s free goodie!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

I’ve got at least one more mega-post of holiday goodness from around the grid…coming soon, probably after the Santa’s Escape Design Contest has wrapped up!

Day 4 (already!?)


Okay – I missed posting on Day 3 – it happens. All the more reason that you should swing by H&S Village and Belle Belle every day. EVERY. DAY. I am emphatic about that. EMPHATIC.

Here’s what you’ll find at Second Spaces and Pulling Strings for Day4 – and don’t forget to wander around the rest of the village for $1L goodies from the other participating shops!

H&S Village [SLurl]

Belle Belle is smack dab in the midst of their 12 Day event, too, and Leyla is doing a great job of getting each day’s item out super early! Here’s what you missed on days 2 and 3…

…and that is why you must not miss any more days! NONE. Today’s gift is absolutely precious…and that’s all the hint I’m giving!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

Day 2!


Sorry for the late post…but better late than never, right? Can i get a “hell yeah”? Day 2 of the 12 Days event is well underway, but there’s still time to grab today’s $1L items! At Second Spaces, you can pick up the Claire Daybed (dark)

— and at Pulling Strings, grab the Big Finish poseball set!

Be sure to check out the other participating stores in H&S Village for more $1L goodies!

H&S Village

It’s also Day 2 of the Belle Belle 12 Days of Christmas event! I won’t tell you what’s available for you today – you’ve got to get over there and grab it for yourself! 😉 I will, however, show you the gift that was available on Day 1, just to reinforce how awesome these gifts will be every day!

So cute!! And now I really want some walnuts. Head over to Belle Belle right now so you can grab today’s gift before it’s too late! When you get there, click the box under the hunt sign for a hint to where you can find the gift – hurry, before it’s too late!

Belle Belle SLurl

*Second Spaces* Holiday!!


Good morning and happy holidays! Some fun new stuff at Second Spaces today!

First, I’ve added some more holiday items! A new line of gift boxes, the Wrap It Up series – a bit more rustic and homey. 🙂 I’ve also added a few gift boxes to my line of Wrapped With Love Messy Packages – these are for those of us who have zero RL gift wrap skills — the extra tape and rough edges show that we care, right? And I’m also happy to add a few Hanukkah items to my collection – there’s a simple wooden menorah along with a few dreidels and a pile of gelt! (Disclaimer: I’m not Jewish, so I hope I got everything right!)

All of the new stuff can be found in my main store in H&S Village, and you can still find all of my previously released items at my Winterstock (Merry Christmas sim) location!

I am also starting a 12 Days event in H&S Village today! Every day from now until Dec 24th, there will be one item marked to $1L, for just that day. Look for the 12 Days sign in the shop, and the current day’s item will be right next to it! Today’s item is the Humphrey Occasional Table in green – usually 125L, but for today, just $1L!!

Be sure to take a walk around the sim, there are other stores participating in the 12 Days event: Pulling Strings, Kitties Lair, Eponym, Bryce Designs! (my 12 Days items are out already, but the other merchants may not have theirs out until noon SLT today.)

Second Spaces @ Caribbean City

Second Spaces @ Winterstock