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*Grand Opening Announcement!* Pulling Strings


Second Spaces is excited to announce the opening of a new shop: Pulling Strings!

Pulling Strings is a collection of silly, fun, quirky picture poses and super cool (and slightly goofy) furniture animations. Here’s a sampling…





Come by and check out the shop…there are freebies to grab…a lucky chair ready to give you MORE free stuff…AND you’ll get a free poseball set when you join the subscribe-o-matic group – just click the sign at the door!

Pulling Strings

*Designer Review* Tibouchina Freschi


Tibouchina Freschi recently sent me a review folder of her furniture items, available at Cedar Bay Furnishings. Cedar Bay is actually owned by Remington Pinion and Krystine Qinan, and they have offered Tib space to display and sell her items. If your decorating tastes lean towards Victorian, maybe with a small taste of steampunk, then definitely check out Tib’s work. What I know from speaking with TIb is 1) she’s a great lady with a cute sense of humor and she is a delight to talk to, and 2) she’s just really getting started with her creations, and she’s still learning quite a bit (aren’t we all?).

What impresses me about Tib’s work is her eye for detail and for mixing texures. In the Worn Silk Velvet Wing Sofa, below, i love theΒ  mix of the floral fabric with the masculine wood trim/edging. Likewise, I really like the edging on the Rusty Cog Coffee Table – and the best part is that the cog in the middle can be turned on to rotate! That’s a nice unexpected touch.


In the Rosewood Four Poster Bed, I adore Tib’s mix of fabrics. It’s a pretty basic bed frame — with nice work on the legs — and the fabrics just give it a really luxe feel. Having the turndown of the comforter in the contrasting pattern is another great touch – a very simple thing to add, but it does give the bed more depth.


I’m excited to see how Tib grows from here with her creations. For my tastes, I’d like to see more depth and shadow to her pieces…once she masters that, combined with her eye for details, I think she’ll be ready to wow us with some really gorgeous and rich pieces.

*Designer Review* Aimesi- The Island


Mea Carnell sent me a copy of her latest interactive delight: The Island. This is exactly what it sounds like — an island. And oh, what an island!

Here’s what you start with:

When you click that dark grey rock in the center of the island…well, that’s when treasures unfold.

From this menu, you can select 11 vignettes for the island, with scenarios ranging from “hey, let’s party at my place” to “hey, let’s me and you spend a quiet evening alone – wink, wink”. Some of my favorites:

Romantic Dinner: the table is one of Mea’s fancy menu-driven tables with just tons of drink and food options:

The Cave: there are shower and bathing poseballs included. (WINK WINK)

Snug Talking: this looks like my kind of party.

Swing by Aimesi Designs to try out all the options; if you decide you want one for yourself, it’s $L1500, and the most prim-heavy vignette tops out at 107 prims. Not bad! Mea does a great job with interactive items, and I think this island was an adorable idea. So many options in such a reasonably-sized package! Great job!

*Designer Review* Winx Home & Garden


Whimsy Winx was kind enough to send me a few review items from her new store, Winx Home & Garden. I also took a trip to her new location to check things out, and I liked what I saw! Whimsy is set up outside, very naturally working her items into the landscape, which I really like. It’s a very scenic and peaceful location.

I’m going to jump right to my favorite thing: Petite Maison Citrouille…AKA a really cute pumpkin that you could live in!

I set this up on the edge of the sim, by our haunted house, so that everyone can enjoy it for the fall season. Until I move into it permanently, that is. πŸ˜‰ Inside are two seating areas, arranged sort of like bunk beds (always fun), with several couples poses included. Just so cute.

Whimsy also shared her Autumn Centerpiece with me…the flowers are gorgeous! This is just perfect for a large wooden mantel…I just have to get one of those now. (*points all mantel designers to the ‘review copies’ page).

At Winx Home & Garden, you’ll also find lovely columnades and a gazebo, as well as a very nice fire/conversation pit — all very romantic without being schmaltzy. I look forward to seeing what Whimsy comes up with next!

*New Release* Colleen Living set


A new set today: the Colleen Living set. It’s a different look and feel than my recent releases — a bit more sleek, maybe a bit more modern. Whatever it may be, I love it. πŸ™‚

The sofa and chairs include (mostly) custom animations, and once again, the anims are menu-driven. The side chairs come as two separate options: sidechair, and sidechair with ottoman. There are different anims in the two chairs. AND, for the very first time, Second Spaces is animated! Watch out, world! The sideboard and tall cabinet both come with animated doors…ooooohhhhh!

Swing by the shop to see it all up close and personal, and try out those animations! Thanks!