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Spruce Up Your Space – February wrap-up!


It’s the final weekend of our February SUYS event! This weekend, we wrap up this month’s theme of “Cupid’s House” – our designers were asked to envision what Cupid’s off-hours space looks like – maybe he’s a slob, maybe he’s into a bit of kink, maybe he’s homeless! A different set of designers will be releasing their items each weekend in February, at discounted prices for that weekend only!

Once again, we have awesome designers releasing awesome stuff! Each week, I’m surprised and amazed all over again at what our creative and talented designers come up with! Here’s what you can look forward to this weekend — all items should be available in the shops by 9AM SLT today – and remember, for this weekend, all SUYS items are $150L or less!!

Ambiance [SLurl]

ARIA [SLurl]

ba Barnesworth Anubis [SLurl]

La Licious Designs [SLurl]

‘Twas 3 days before Christmas…


…and Elle was scrambling to post a final holiday wrap up. 🙂 So, while you’re still decorating, check these out!

The Loft – Morgan Christmas scene: this set has already taken the grid by storm, and rightfully so, but I’m still gonna post it, because it is awesome. AWESOME.

Those ornaments look so real!! ❤

Go to The Loft

Next, from Ambiance, the “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” Dining set…and fyi, that table will see some action above and beyond kissing. 😉 Great animations included, as we’ve come to expect from Ambiance…and more pretty ornaments! The shiny gets me every time!

Go to Ambiance

I also checked out the holiday location of MB-Creationz by Minke Bailey. I have seen Minke’s work before, and it’s good stuff. Her holiday collection is filled with color and whimsy, and definitely worth taking a look! There’s a lot to see, so here’s just a sampler!

The Christmas Palm Trees are just fun!

Go to MB-Creationz

The next set isn’t technically holiday-themed, but it is the Winter Livingroom, so it counts! Recently released from MudHoney, this is a great casual set, very rustic and organic. I love all the pillows on the sofa, and the slippers are such a cute touch!

Go to MudHoney

That’s it for today! I still owe you more pics and stuff from the Santa’s Escape contest, so that’s coming soon. I’ve also got a few reviews to complete, now that my holiday rush is (hopefully, mostly) behind me…stay tuned!

Sunday News!


Happy Sunday, dear readers! Just some quick newness from some of my favorite designers for you today. I’m also working on another Halloween post, and hope to have that for you tomorrow!

Scarlet Creative: Charlotte Bartlett has just released a gorgeous new modern prefab, the Artisan Zero. Clean lines, open and airy concept, great details…and I love the colored glass! It’s like candy. 🙂 Some highlights of the house:

  • 3 fully animated pool areas with couple poses
  • Interactive Lighting System with mood lighting throughout
  • Glass Options from multi coloured different panels for social settings through to sleek white with rendered lights
  • Party Lighting to exterior deck
  • Security system for doors
  • Fits 4096 Plots and upwards.

scarlett creative all

Scarlet Creative


Ambiance Interactive: Desiree Bisiani let me know that she’s re-worked the beds at Ambiance! Now you have a choice between PG-animated beds, and beds that are bit more of an R-rating. 😉 Both options have a ton of animations to choose from (and the PG version includes lots of my animations from Pulling Strings 🙂 ), so there’s always something new and exciting to try out. She sent over the Henna set for me to check out – it’s a set that Ambiance has had for a while, complete with texture change system like all of Ambiance’s furniture, and now available with PG or Intimate Encounters beds!

amb set allAs it always seems to go, I had no one around to help me try out the animations. 😦 I did cycle thru the menus though – and there are A LOT to cycle through! The PG bed has a ton of cute friends poses and couples poses; the couples poses are along the lines of sweet, casual cuddling. Oh, and the ottoman in the set is also animated with a bunch of singles poses for boys and girls – really cute lounges, book reading, things like that. In the Intimate Encounters bed…well, it’s just oh so much more. 😉 To give you just a small sample:

amb cuddles menus

amb encounters menus

Seriously, that’s probably not quite half of all the options available. There’s also an animation buried in there somewhere named “Anvil” – I’m not sure what that is, and I’m afraid to ask. 😉 Grab a pal and go check out all the options for yourself!

Ambiance Interactive

I’ve been a busy blogger this morning!


Alright – get ready – I’ve got things to share. Lots of good things to be had across the grid this weekend…and the Halloween decorations are coming out already…so here we go!

Ambiance: Free Gift!!! Available for 2 days only!!

ambiance sign

Look for the large gift bag vendor located within the Regency Dining Room display at Ambiance!

[SLurl here]

Belle Belle: New Lucky Board items! These are for members only…and like I always tell you, you should be a member of this group already!!

belle clocks

There are Lucky Boards in both Belle  Belle buildings, so be sure to hit ’em both!

[SLurl here]

GREENE Concept: the Halloween goodies are coming out at GREENE Concept! The Halloween version of the Berlin chair is a great accent piece – I still like using the Berlin as a coffee table – it’s perfect!

greene berlinYou’ll also find this awesome Celtic Cross (it comes with fog options, too) AND it’s only 19L!! Great for your spooky graveyard! You can grab the Halloween editions of the Quintos Chronometer, too – the bats are so cute when they come flying out. 🙂

greene cross

greene clocks

Be sure to stalk the Lucky Chair, too – I know at least the Halloween Berlin is loaded in there!

[SLurl here]

Kunstkammer: Kunstkammer is participating in this week’s 50L Friday sale, so be sure to get by there before 11:59 PM SLT tonight! Her 50L item is a precious beaded curtain – three colors to choose from – and what’s best about the curtain is that it swings when you run through it! Those of us who are children of the 60s-70s remember how exciting it is to run thru a beaded curtain and leave it swinging…yay for an SL version!

kunst beaded curtain

The current group gift for the Kunstkammer group is these precious little Spooky Mushrooms – they have little glow particles shooting out, and they are mod so you can resize as needed. I plan to include lots of these in my spooky forest!

kunst mushrooms

Speaking of spooky – right now, Kunstkammer’s Haunted House kits are 50% off!! I’m not sure how long the sale lasts, so be sure to grab yours soon!

kunst haunted kit

I’ll have those in my spooky forest, too. 🙂

[SLurl here]

Things to spend money on during your holiday weekend


Just a quick hit of new and exciting things around the grid!! Of course, as blogged earlier, Second Spaces has a few new releases – you can see those here. In addition, check this out:

Ambiance: a SALE and a new set!

ambiance sale

Ambiance has also just released the Summerset Bathroom, another set created by Cheewha Palen. As always, it’s packed with accessories and details, texture options, and tons of animations!

ambiance all

Ambiance Interactive Furnishings


Shade Fantasy Outfitters: I hadn’t been to Shade Fantasy in a while, so I popped over to see what’s new. I’ll tell you what’s new – awesome grasses and flowers, that’s what. Ashade Sinister has some amazing sculpted grasses – they look so, so real, and come with little extras like particles and sounds – just perfect for anything where you need cool, wild grass! I also found that Ashade has added flowers, in a totally cute little nursery setup. Definitely something you need to see!

shade sin all

Shade Fantasy Outfitters


MudHoney: Rayvn Hynes has just released the Jersey Shore Beach house, a cute little cottage, great for those of us who like to keep it simple! I love that it is walled with windows – you can never have too much natural light!


MudHoney Designs