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I may do some shopping today.


Hi! Just a quick post – I’ve seen quite a few cute things being released today and I just wanted to be sure you saw them, too! It’s a service I provide.

Antonia Marat has a new super cute mailbox at Artilleri Home! Those colors are like candy β™₯

Artilleri Home [SLurl]

We’ve got two really cute home decor items in Fifty Linden Friday this week!

From Jordan Giant and Nordari:

Nordari [SLurl]

From Flutter Memel of cluttered flowey:

(There’s also a Dark set)

cluttered flowey [SLurl]

Don’t forget – the items at Nordari and cluttered flowey are only 50L, only for today!!

I was also happy to see a new pine tree from Vitrail Illios over at New Trails – he’s always one of my favorites!

New Trails [SLurl]

Happy shopping!

Home Expo Goodness – part 7


OMG, I still have two more sims to cover!! I’m hoping to have another post for you later this afternoon, and then probably one tonight. Remember, Home Expo ends this Sunday, so make sure you get over there soon and give yourself enough time to cover all ten sims!!

POST by Van Auster: POST has been on my radar for a while, and I am exceptionally tardy in blogging them. Van has gorgeous prefabs, so well textured and detailed, and so original. POST is not the place for a standard ranch or Cape Cod prefab – it’s the place you go when you want something different and creative, and you insist on excellent quality. Some of my favorites from POST’s display at Expo:

That settee is stunning AND is texture changeable! It’s also one of Van’s RFL items – I grabbed one!!

POST at Home Expo [SLurl]

Artilleri Home, by Antonia Marat, has some oh-so-cute and nostalgic trailers at Expo this year. I love these!

Artilleri Home at Home Expo [SLurl]

Winter Thorn and {what next} are always one of my favorites. Winter is so consistent with her designs – they’re always beautifully textured, well thought out, and packed with cute extras.

{what next} at Home Expo [SLurl]

Cheeky Pea is another favorite. Designer Isla Gealach always impresses me with her work; she’s another designer who produces great shapes and textures and really focuses on the fun details.

I love those perfume bottles!! β™₯

Cheeky Pea at Home Expo [SLurl]

[Insert clever title here]


Happy Monday, dear readers!! Lots of new things released over the weekend, and I’m going to tell you about them right now. πŸ™‚ It’s what I do.

Artilleri Home: Antonia Marat has released more superbly awesome vintage furniture that, well, you all need. Now. Go.


Artilleri Home


Back to my quest for awesome autumn and Halloween items – Aki Shichiroji of Organica has some wonderful creepy trees for your haunted spaces!

organica all



Vitrail Illios of New Trails has an absolute ton of awesome autumn and Halloween items for you to check out! Just released are several versions of spooky, ghostly pumkpins; these join Vitrail’s gorgeous sculpted pumpkins (non-spooky) and all of them are adorable!

new trails all

You’ve got to go see these in person – some are animated, all are fun. πŸ™‚

There are also some new autumn trees available, and they include all the wonders that New Trails trees offer: groundcovers, static and animated shadows, and falling leave particles! The Autumn Feast series of trees includes spanish moss in the trees, as well as strings of lights – I’ve got my eye on some of these as I start to decorate my sim for fall!

new trails trees all

And finally, here’s one more reason you need to join the New Trails SOM group, if you haven’t already. He gives great group gifts, and this is what I got this weekend:

new trails gift

The Sinner and The Saint! They attach to your shoulders, and I love them!

New Trails

Of summer, sex, and kitchens


Happy weekend, dear readers. πŸ™‚ It’s gorgeous here in VA – time to get started on my summer semi-tan! In the meantime, a few fun things to share with you…

Antonia Marat of Artilleri & Artilleri Home has just released this gorgeous vintage-style kettle BBQ! She was kind enough to give away free copies to the first 10 people to provide their names to her on Plurk..and because I am a plurk fiend, I was like number 3. Yay me! Swing by Artilleri Home to pick up yours — it’s color changeable to 9 great options, and gives you yummy food! I enjoyed a kebab or two during the photo shoot.

grill allAwesome details and texturing (of course!), and a must-have for every patio, deck, and back porch this summer!


Leyla Firefly is a busy girl over at BelleΒ  Belle, like always. πŸ™‚ First, a new item for the Lucky Boards — Tantric Lovin’! A beautiful, fantastical mini-getaway for you and your special someone. Climb inside for meditation, cuddling, kissing, and relaxing. I jumped in for some solo meditation, and got my ‘om’ on.


Leyla has also updated her Arne Kitchen. Arne is already one of my favorite kitchens in SL – it’s one of the sets I included the very first time I blogged Belle Belle, and I think it’s just one of the best in all of SL. Leyla made some minor changes to the aesthetic, and it looks better than ever…and she also added some fun. πŸ˜‰ So, now we call it the Arne Passion Inside Kitchen, and I think you see where I’m going with this. Not only do you get incredible style with this kitchen — you also get 9 sexy ways to keep things cookin’. (See what I did there?) When Leyla sent this to me, she included a very sweet note (I totally ❀ her, btw) and gently suggested that I try the ‘Fork” animation. O. M. G. This is one of the most awesome unexpected touches ever — and the very specific reason I am blogging this — as you and your pal are pressed up against the refrigerator to…well, to fork…the ice dispenser just starts shooting out ice cubes all over the floor. I still giggle every time.

arne all

I spammed my friends list until someone would agree to come “fork” with me for this picture — thanks to my pal Dagon Harrison for making it happen. πŸ™‚

Head over to Belle Belle to see for yourself, and be sure to stalk those Lucky Boards while you’re there!